Once upon a time two men, plowed this land and went to sow rye. It goes past the old man, coming to one peasant, and said:
- Hello, little man!
- Hello, old man!
- What you sow?
- Rye, grandfather.
- So help you God, was born of your high and rye grain is full!
Good old man to another man:
- Hello, little man. What you sow?
- What you need to know! I sow ... and x !.
- Well, you was born and s ...!
Elder is gone, and the men have sown rye, zaboronili and went home. How was the spring, but it began to rain - at the first man ascended rye and thick and large, and the other guy went up and all you ... Red Heads, but so did all the tithes and won: and there is no place to step foot all x .. .and! Men arrived to see what their rye has risen; one spirit is not overjoyed, looking at his band and the other as the heart and stops:
- What - I think - I'm done with that kind tepericha devils?
They waited for the men - that it's zhnitvo, left in the field: one began to reap the rye and the other looks - he's on the strip ... and overgrown yard and a half. Stand Me Red Heads, like a poppy blossoms. Here is a man poglazeli, poglazeli, shook his head and went back home; and arrived, collected knives, sharpened povostree, took a thread and paper, and again returned to their tithing, and started s ... and srezyvat. Srezhet pair obvernet in the paper, a good start up a thread and put it into the cart. Posrezyval all and drove into town to sell.
- Da-ka, - thinks - lucky not selling Whether he likes a fool a couple!
Carries on the street and shouted loudly:
- Does someone have to s ... s, s x ... x ... s! I have a nice sales you ... and you ... and you ... and!
Heard one lady, sends the maid Woman:
- Come, quickly ask what sells this guy?
The girl ran:
- Hey, little man! What are you selling?
- X ... and, madam!
She comes back into the chamber and is ashamed to tell her mistress:
- I tell, you fool! - Said the lady - do not be ashamed! Well, what he sells?
- Yes, that's what, ma'am, he is a scoundrel, you ... and sell!
- Eka fool! Run quickly, catching Bargain yes, that he would take me for a couple?
The girl guy gate and asks:
- What is a couple?
- Yes Non-Negotiable hundred rubles.
As soon as the girl said about the mistress, she immediately took out a hundred rubles.
- For - he says - go, but look, choose what is better, a longer but thicker.
He brings a peasant girl and begs money:
- But please, little man, let no better.
- They are all good I freak!
She took a couple of good maid h..ev brings and takes her mistress; she looked up and seemed to her very much. "Suet currently nadyt much, and they do not climb.
- As you said, a man - she asks the girl - how to command them to have acted?
- I do not say, ma'am.
- Eka you fool! Come now the demand. She ran back to the man:
- Hey, little man, tell me how your product to command, that could act? A man says:
- Koli give a hundred rubles, so to say! The maid quickly to the mistress:
- Either way, the gift of no effect, ma'am, and asks a hundred rubles.
- This piece and two hundred rubles to buy - not expensive!
He took a hundred new man and says:
- If the lady wants, even if only to say: "But, but!"
The lady is now lay on the bed, turn-up hem and a command: "But, but!". How stuck to it's two ... I conceived it as a yes nazharivat, lady too, and she is not pleased, and they can not get. How to get rid of the trouble? Poslaet her maid:
- Go and catch up with that son of a bitch, but ask him what I should say, that they left behind! Girl rushed with all haste:
- Tell me, little man! What you need to say to you ... and the lady from behind? And they are quite tortured mistress!
A man:
- Coley will give a hundred rubles, so to say! Resorts girl home, and the lady barely alive lying on a bed.
- Take, - he says - in the chest last hundred rubles, yes Carry scoundrel soon! And that my death comes!
He took the man, and the third hundred, and says:
- Let say only: "Tprru" - They are now restrained.
The maid came running and saw the lady absolutely no memory and your tongue: so she yelled at them for yourself:
- Tprru!
Both of you ... I just jumped. Feel better mistress; She got up from the bed, and took x stashed ... and, and began to live in his pleasure. Once wants now able to get them with the team, and will h..i its work until the lady scream:
- Tprru!
At one time mistress happened to go on a visit to a village, and she forgot to take these h..i with him. Pobyla away until the evening, and it was boring: going home. Here conceived her to beg to stay overnight.
- In any way it is impossible, - said the lady - I had forgotten at home one secret thing, without which I do not fall asleep!
- Yes, if you will - meet her hosts - we will send for her good, reliable person, that brought her safe.
The lady agreed. Now we dressed waiter, so he saddled a good horse, went to Barynin house and brought such a thing.
- Ask - skaeyvaet lady - my maid, so she knows where this thing is hidden.
That waiter arrived, the maid made it two h..v, both wrapped in paper, and gave it. The waiter put them in the back, pocket, mounted and rode back. He had to go on the road to the mountain, and the horse was lazy, and as soon as he began to urge her: "But, but" - They suddenly jumped out, both well and fry it in the ass, flunky azhno scared! What a miracle is, from where it took the damned? It holuyu even to tears, do not know how to be it! Yes, the horse began to descend from the mountain quick, so he shouted at her: - "Tprru!" X ... and now from assholes and povyskakivali out. So he took them, wrapped in paper, and supplies brought mistress.
- What right? - Asks the lady.
- Oh to hell with them, - flunky says - if used on the road but not the mountain, they zae..li used me to court!
Fifth of Artyom I called and reminded about the birthday. I remembered. Still would! The miracle is - born on Christmas Eve. At one time, we strongly plagued Tmku about this, but over the years, when everyone suddenly began to enter into the spirit of Christmas, stopped and even secretly envied.
- Come to four hours, - Artem said.
I spoke in the sense that the congratulations and all that, but not without Galitsin not come. Artem chuckled and said that only that word for word, he said the same earrings.
- You'll then negotiate themselves - suggested Artem - someone with whom you are talking of. At four!
And he hung up.
I shrugged and dialed Serezhkin number. It was busy. I waited. I called it still me.
- Let's go to? - I asked earrings.
- Do you want? - I replied.
- Always I want - it is different.
I cursed him for a fool, and he whinnied happily there for themselves. And then he said, that will go in an hour, and we go to choose a gift. I checked his cash and went to stoop to the Pope.
Dad was after the night shift and in an angry mood as usual on holidays. Every time he cursed humanity for drunkenness and gluttony these days and finding fault with us with my mother for nothing. Now he was lying on the couch with his favorite "Sport-Express" and stared at the TV, where sports channel was included too. As my father used to relieve stress. I started to explain about the birthday. Unusually dad did not speak maliciously and lecturing. He ordered to give him his wallet, fished out a couple of bills and asked to be enough. I decided that it is a classic and drew a nod. Papa grunted and waved his hand, dismissing me with the eyes.
He climbed into the corridor when ridden merry Seryozhka and otpryagsya on it for the full program. First, I find fault with the mind. Bruise with Serezhkin face has not come down, although it was already barely noticeable. Dad was unhappy that Sergei neglected prescription lotions. Then he began to lecture on the dangers of smoking. I sniffed, but from the tobacco Earrings did not smell. This apparently was the prevention of just in case. Then Dad got angry at all that we throw him alone. Sergey muted glow, and said that we will come back quickly.
- Yeah - Dad said. - And you will then chant, I eater and young life. Piss off! And do what you want!
- What is it with him? - He asked me on the street Sergey.
I explained and added:
- And I do not understand that it is on you all the time throws. You liked him at first acquaintance.
- Well, it's just - with amusing seriousness said Sergey. - No matter how you like a person, but he is still the same train every day fuck your daughter ...
I whacked him on the head.
- Come to me - he said briskly. - Mom, friend. Come back in an hour only.
I imagined a fire in anticipation of sex shuffling key in the keyhole and refused. Then he climbed up to kiss. The attack that it has found the middle of the square near the modernist stupid tree. Around us fussed some people, maskers danced. In short, it began already full carols. I am always amazed us is touching disregard tradition. Then he swam over the area ringing from a nearby tserkvuhi, built at the end of the impasse, and Seryozhka let me go.
- Well, - he said - went for a gift.
He dragged me naturally in little shops with all sorts of electronic zamorochkami. While I stupidly stared at all these strange boxes with solders, boxes and shaped dies, Seryozhka steamed seller discussing some heaped device for on-line games. In the end, we agreed on something, and we got out of the store with a box.
- Well, - said Sergey. - Where?
I knew that sell Artyom. He is the only one of our company was filled to the theater after Maryaninoy epic, and although in this circle did not go to school, but I noticed he and specialized publications, and such strange books, which are printed script. I dragged earrings into the underpass and stopped at the kiosk, which sold tickets for all kinds of entertainment shows, theatrical performances and forms express lotteries. That's when I had forgotten that now vacation and all the theaters are only appropriate repertoire. Seryozhka amused and offered to send Artyom on the "Blue Bird" is a ballet about Chipollino. In particular, he dwelt on the second occasion.
- Polka, type mia! Dancing garden! I want to go there! I also want to!
From tickets to "I would not have refused to Blue Bird", a fascinating thing, but they bought up the first thing. Just in case I consulted the seller, and he shrugged his shoulders. As a result, I bought tickets for after the holidays, on the most fashionable show. Then we went to the earrings in a gift shop, and there we packed our acquisitions with the invention and style.
Then Seryozhka dragged me to wander through the shops and kafeshku. Everywhere was in a New Year's beautiful and not very crowded. Sellers we are very happy for some reason, and as a result, we have acquired a bunch of little things. I bought for the "Pretty Woman" parents with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. They loved this simple filmets. When one day after the Battle of the TV, I angrily asked them, what is the charm of this pathetic nonsense, Mom suddenly winced and said, imitating someone:
- Well, of course! .. This ... well, as it is there! Damn you, Cinderella!
She and Dad laughed, looking as if they know something that no one knows me, and I then razobidelas them badly. And now suddenly I understood and resisted the impulse. Seryozhka also bought something to his mother, in front of which still salve for what threw her on New Year's night, without warning and causing worry. He thought about it only the first day and still toiled. Then he dragged me devour cakes. Only with him, I allowed myself to this freedom.
- Bring everything that is, a pair of pieces, - he said to the waitress.
I was horrified when I saw that came out of it. As a result, almost all of us have been forced to take then with the other.
- Come to me, - Sergey said the tone of the order. - Let's have fun on.
I CallBack Pope and heard grim message that he was again at work. I could not help scolded mileyshuyu nurse Antonina Semyonovna, that could not answer this my call, but in fact took the trouble. She was not offended and said that a complicated operation, and the patient is important. I apologized and asked him to convey to parents that the house will be in the evening. With interest Seryozhka been listening, as soon as I pressed the rebound, immediately I said:
- Come on now!
Who would even doubt that he had to say! All the way he painted me that he would do to me, and I begged him not to shout so, otherwise end up, I'll kill him. He chuckled a very satisfied. And, of course, it turned out that all the way home for us this vile woman trailed our neighbor Aunt Tamara. She squeezed together with us in the elevator and began to drill a hole in us his watery eyes. In short, in addition blacked out the light, and an elevator between floors became a ghoul.
Neither five nor electricity supply is not restored within ten minutes. I dialed 112. It was occupied. Aunt Tamara at this time became suspicious and very loud gasping wheeze.
- I also dial all the time - Seryozhka said. - What happened at all?
- At Grandma claustrophobic - I said in a barely audible whisper.
- Talk to her! - Ordered earrings, continuing to fight with the phone.
And I began to speak, suffered all sorts of nonsense about the fact that we rescued, and about how it will be. Aunt Tamara stopped to wheeze, but reacted badly to my chatter, some extinct voice.
- You sweet love? - Suddenly I asked earrings.
Aunt Tamara said she loved. And we unpacked a box of cakes. On the floor of the elevator was Serezhkin bed jacket. Grandma was arranged on it with an open box. Sometimes Sergei luminaries her mobile phone. Aunt Tamara forgot about phobias. It was in the food.
So do not get through to 112, Sergei and hugged the most natural way .... He was cold.
Finally load my cell phone, put on automatic redial. I was informed that the accident affected the three urban areas, the night will be all right. I yelled that we were stuck in the lift that we need to help out with us unhealthy elderly people. I have promised to rescue brigade. I overheard Aunt Tamara rasperezhivalas again.
- Let's sing a song - suggested earrings.
I snorted. But Seryozhka tightened something mournful about the coachman, and his grandmother happily supported. I have nothing left but to pull in the right places. Then we are tastefully performed timeless hits about Darkie-Moldavanka. We were confused earrings and Aunt Tamara corrected us and demanded to echo corrected versions. Madhouse some. All this in the dark, in the cold and zaplvannom elevator. In the middle of the next song about the beauty queen that Aunt Tamara voice output rejuvenated and calls, we called out to the outside. Were rescuers.
It began an epic on our recovery. It was just a circus with horses. all doors opened, but it was necessary to climb. I pulled out without problems: just two top-stretched arms, I pushed the bottom Sergey. Jam, of course, Aunt Tamara. She spread out, afraid to fall, although it thoroughly packed in a safety harness. The elevator went down one of the rescuers. I heard he told Seryozhka selected, but grandmother wailed that without it's right there and immediately will die from fear. Oh, my God, you are my God!
I started together with the rescuers try to persuade her. In short, not less than half an hour, we were pulling out of the swamp of the hippo. In the process we have formed near a handful of neighbors who looked extremely pleased with the adventures of Aunt Tamara. Drinking it was ambiguous. Everyone has. But, even once free, nasty grandmother would not let my boyfriend. She announced that she had a heart attack and demanded it to the nurse. Brigadier spasatelskoy team saw my expression and grinned. He carefully packed gear and loudly announced its that the pensioner is required to be hospitalized, and therefore let them bring a stretcher. Grandma wailed and began to consistently exhort foreman for his splendid health. We took the opportunity earrings and hid in our apartment.
For some time we have given myself up. Earrings had otpaivat brandy again. Then came the calls from parents and rasskazki on mutual adventures. Valeria Sergeevna, for example, the collapse of the energy generally found in the subway. My mother worried about how I'll be alone in the dark. I irritably said that, firstly, I am old enough, and secondly, I'm not alone, and thirdly ... Mom decisively interrupted and said second enough. Then came the calls from classmates and friends. My machine quickly discharged. I'm relieved threw it on the table. But Seryozhka someone listen without interrupting and smiling dreamily while.
I became suspicious and tried to take away his phone. Sergei raised his hand to stop me, and turned on the speakerphone. I almost fell off the stool. Someone familiar voice languidly conclusions:
- So I unfasten the buckle of your belt. It's so cold, smooth ...
I looked at Serezhkin belt. He had really been outstanding, with an exclusive silver buckle, someone gift, object of desire of many boys in our class. A hundred times I heard it from vydurivali Earrings in exchange for all sorts of weird to me worth.
- And now - the voice continued, - I unbutton the zipper. My hand touches your penis. He is still there, for Gorny knitted swimming trunks, but we are about to meet!
I looked questioningly at the earrings, and he put his finger to his lips. I could not find a voice! I was the most unpleasant way lacked.
- You're touching my breasts - I listened. - You're her mercilessly mnsh, twist and compress the nipples with your fingers. Oh, your fingers! From their hardness continuous currents pierce my body! I already feel your fingers in my vagina! Most wild desire to make me mentally to howl and writhe! I want you so much! You shoot off the last barrier between our bodies! You grab me from behind and pulled to plant on his lap ... Your fingers at me again! You make me for a decisive penetration. I caress both your hands ...
I learned, at last, his voice!
- Sveta! - I said loudly. - You're calling someone? !!
There was a muffled "oops!" And went back tones.
- Well, that's - Galitsin said. - I ruin the whole holiday!
- I'll strangle you now! - I boiled. - This is what it was? !!
- Phone Sex, I think - he said. - Probably, it is the wrong number.
- Yes?! - I wondered aloud. - And what is there so it was about waist ?!
- I dont know! - It closed on my swing a towel. - Princess, have mercy!
But I was shaking with anger and excitement. Seryozhka jumped up and ran away from me in the room, I rushed to catch up. I am perfectly focused even in the dark, and he endlessly for something ran. Cornered him at the window turned out to be a piece of cake. I dropped somewhere in the towel and drummed on his shoulders with his fists.
- Vile traitor! - I was angry. - Twister!
- Polka, estupida! - He yelled. - I got to do with it?
- Oh, do with it ?! - I was angry.
- I'm tired - he muttered. - Fury, estupida, idiot ...
- Yes, you yourself! - I paused for a moment, remembering this little word, and blurted. - De Lo Lindo!
He laughed once, without transition, grabbed me under the arms, slung over his shoulder and dragged. I began to struggle. Seryozhka topple it me on the sofa and began busily pulling off my clothes. I tried to resist, but it was useless. In the end, he just fell on me and blocked the flow of my mouth screams. My body instantly responded to the touch, and I ran her hands under his shirt.
- It would have a long time, - Sergei muttered, looking from me to undress.
We made love in total darkness and silence. For some reason he kept quiet contrary to custom, that's just been some very violent, did not allow me even to pull to the side. In the end, I gave up trying to participate in the management and just obey him. He led me to the summit of bliss slowly and persistently. And when it was over the last spasm of a full connection, I turn on the lights everywhere together. As if we got out of a maze to freedom. Earrings have been drawn face, which literally shining eyes darkened.
- What is gotten into you? - he asked.
And then I started to cry.
- And what they want you to take away!
- It you want to take away, - he said. - So, probably, always. Well, that pulls the surrounding someone's love!
The word was uttered, and hung between us.
- I like you, please believe, kuerida, - said Sergey. - Do not listen to anybody, okay?
I nodded.
Then we had a long put in order first house, and then was hit hard in the cataclysm Serezhkin jacket. At some point, my load delivered on charging the phone. Called Natasha. She warned me that she asks, it turns out, argued with Eugene, he could seduce earrings to have sex with her. These bastards had fun. I felt awkward. I recounted the conversation Sergey. He grinned.
- Thrust this guy Eugene. I decided to take by hook or by crook. Famously you caught it, Princess!
- And where does Eugene? - I was surprised.
- And besides! - Sergei chuckled again. - Once you could not fight off, I decided it would be easier to remove me. Look, do not give in to lies! - And she added. - Trying to be more.
He was right. The next day we came to Artyom, the first person met, was Sveta. Special guards us at the door. She began to apologize to me for yesterday's incident and hang noodles on my ears about how she made a mistake in the number of sudden darkness of Egypt .... The conversation was extremely unpleasant to me, and I just hesitated. And Sergei has already passed all the apartment, and they Tmkoy discussed his gift.
By Artyom as always on this day it was half the class. All roamed from room to room. The girls helped set the table. Parents were not observed again in spite of the birthday, or even simply a birthday, and the eighteenth of them.
- In Prague, stuck, - Artem said in answer to my question. - There's doomsday. Snowfall, snowstorm, zero visibility. Not that planes, trains are not running. They already called me all morning. Mom in shock.
Artyom was sad. Very pleased theater tickets.
- Thank you, polka, - he said. - This is the best gift.
And then he also told me Natashkiny information.
- It is there your gift to my connects a computer, - Artem said. - And she asks revolves around him.
I chuckled.
- Well, good luck to her!
Artyom looked at me strangely. But I had not thought to explain anything. The more that flew us flushed from the stove Julia, Juliet is our forever. She danced beside Artem.
- Tmka, you say you have a fresh cranberries are! Bring! And then it's time!
- Now, - said Artyom. - Come on - he called me. - I hold the bowl.
It turns out his mom-traveler was a good hostess. Inventories have kept in the loggia.
- Mom it just froze - shared Artem. - She and I went to the market in November. Already frosts began. We are bombarded with berries in a bucket and put in the cold ...
He gave me some funny koftets, and we went out to the loggia. There's already someone was.
- E ... Tishkin baldness! - I blurted out.
At the far end, where the loggia another door led out of the room, and Natasha shifted Eugene. At my girlfriend was zagoln ass and tickled Eugene promptly outbound ferry sinks its solution to the outstanding member. Natasha arched and gasped voluptuous and plaintive. I looked at Artyom. He's in a tough straight line crept lips. Noticing my view, he grimaced and muttered:
- Hopeless! Never mind, Princess.
Then he turned back to the couple and began otkolupyvat hard like beads of crimson balls of the bucket. I held up the bowl and the balls rattled on its bottoms. We went back into the kitchen. Julia grabbed berries.
- Wait, unfreeze, - Artem said.
- All! Do not worry! Smoke! - Suggested Julia.
Girls, it turns out, doing a Christmas goose, prepared him to be sent into the furnace. They were all raznaryazheny on the occasion. Lovely all such.
- Yeah - if Artyom heard me. - I'm so grateful to them. I'm a little confused here. And they quickly organized everything ...
From the room suddenly flew shooting on sound afterburner, then came a friendly voice and comments like "his urine, he won the corner!" Began. Earned at the computer console. Artyom laughed and said cheerfully:
- Well, now all in their line up ryadochek!
It really lit a cigarette and was now half-open door to the loggia. I looked at him questioningly.
- Yes, the story once read, - said Artyom. - Fantastic. They worked hard for a long time hero somewhere in space. He came to Earth. I met a girl. She worked at the agency, well, I was a prostitute, but of those who fall in love with clients. Man, when everything was opened, scored on it, became acquainted with the other, and it became clear that the entire female population of the planet deals with this garbage for the money. And in a travel agency, he was offered a service - wish fulfillment for every last penny he had on account. Desire could be absolutely anything, even if only on account of a penny. But they must be last. Well, he chose desire. He pointed to all the aunts, with whom he met, he asked the machine and said: Come to line up all of them ryadochek!
I shrugged his shoulders.
- Artem ...
He waved his hand with a cigarette.
- I said never mind, Princess!
- Tmka! - I called one of the girls. - Here we povyzhimali limes. Make a cocktail?
- Required - Artyom responded.
- "Margarita" - I understood.
He nodded.
- Do you remember? You did not even try.
- I tried - I said.
And she wondered how meaningful the word sounded. I turned and looked out the window.
- Thank Tmka, - I said - that when called Sergey.
- Yeah, - Artem blithely responded.
It is as if waiting for him to remember, Sergei Galitsin, my love. Came to us his inimitable gait, razulybalsya.
- Done! You can chop enemies into small crumbs.
- Aha, - said Artyom. - Thank you.
- There would be desirable, - he said in a whisper earrings.
- Yes, we go to the table - suggested Artem. - There's so many things. Who do we have here disposes? Julia! - He called.
Taking advantage of the fact that all distracted, Seryozhka reached kissing.
Then we upihalis at the table, all thirteen, merry uproar. Tmka received congratulations and slightly bowed in all directions. Showered with gifts. Artem liked in our class. He was kind, helped and stood up. Sometimes only the words, but this is usually enough. Because eternally unsettled Eugene clung to him. I suddenly understood clearly who was chief in their company, that is, in our course. When the greetings subsided, and the first sip of champagne have kept the way to the head, all snapped up salads and snacks. For a moment it was quiet. And in that silence like thunder, I rang the doorbell. Artem went to open.
A minute later, he returned and called out:
- Sergei! They ask you ...
I sensed something was wrong and rushed after him, but for me - Zhenya and Sveta. On landing, circling three policemen and one still standing in the hallway.
- What have you done again, the hacker unhappy? - Loudly said Sveta.
- Nothing - Sergei muttered.
- We'll have to come with us, - he said the policeman.
- On what basis? - Pale, Sergey asked.
- Hands - instead of answering the policeman demanded.
- Explain! - Asked Artem.
- He knows everything, - said the policeman, - in the department. - And he repeated. - Arms!
Seryozhka a moment to decide something. I already knew that expression on his face when appears between the eyebrows vertical crease. Then he quickly put on his boots and pulled off the rack someone else's jacket. Then it clicked handcuffs on.
- Kuerida! - She turned to me with Seryozhka threshold. - Gift parte! Huron!
The door closed. I looked at the bewildered Artem.
- What a pencil!
I quickly wrote down the three unfamiliar words.
- It can be to your computer?
For five minutes I spent on it to block video game console. Five more on trying to find on the internet translation. Sergei asked me to tell. Huron meant ferret. Heck! Then I remembered that he deliberately dressed in someone else's jacket. I ran into the hallway for his phone. Exactly! In memory of someone found a Kharkov. I dialed the number. They responded immediately.
- Sergei, - I heard the voice clearly adult. - What?
I quickly began to tell.
- A - the man said. - Pauline! - He knew me! - How long does it go?
I explained.
- Well - this Kharkiv said. - Who'll be there. Wait for the call!
I quickly got dressed, thanked Artem and ran down to the entrance.
The car drove up a few minutes later, the door opened.
- Pauline! - Call me.
I ducked into the cabin.
- Will you help, - said the man, moving from the spot.
My cell phone rang. I looked. It was a call from Artem.
- Give it here, - said the driver.
He pulled out my cell phone battery, and threw out the window.
- With him we zasekut, - he explained. - Then he'll give you another.
And he threw the device on my knee. I'm having a vague suspicion. I quietly shoved his hand into his pocket, where lay Serezhkin cell phone and pressed the snooze button call. This person phone rang. I realized that in a heap ... some stuff, and very frightened. But the more I realized that taking me to where Sergey is now. Therefore I did not say anything. The driver was silent too.
I only once opened his mouth.
- We're going out of town? - I asked.
- Yes, - said the man.
I decided on the direction and asked which of the villages located on this road, we go.
- You'll see, - said the driver.
It was a holiday village.
- "Kalinka" - I read aloud pointer.
We went down the street for a long time, so long that I could read and its name. Then we drove to one of the courtyards of the two-meter fence.
Inside was only one house. He was big and impersonal - a two-storey box. But the courtyard appeared unusual - styled patio with roof and all sorts zagorodochkami, bedrail, sooruzhenitsami chamber in the manner of garden and mini swimming pools, delicate tables and chairs. All that stayed in desolation and insignificance on the occasion of the winter. But the snow was not observed here. Roof patio protected from the rain.
It was full of people, men. And I saw the earrings. Its just pritisnuli the vertical decorative lattice. One of the men tried to cut off his head with a hefty knife. I screamed and tried to move out of the car. My companion grabbed me by the arm and shouted:
- Quiet, you fool!
He pulled out of the car and pulled to long jumps. When I fell out after him, I heard:
- What are you, asshole, you imagine that the information can dig out of Baska ?!
My captor punched him who put to his throat Serezhkin knife on his fist on the face and body with his foot. The knife was hoisted into the air, flying and bryaknuvshis on the patio tile, slid under one of the tables. Those with whom I came a long time to beat it with a knife, then apparently exhausted, sat down and lit a cigarette. While he beat, no one moved from their seats, and he battered just closed, making no attempt to resist.
I guiltily looked at the earrings. He bit his lip, and again something was thinking, at point-blank look at me. I quickly showed him that called. He nodded.
At this time, it rose one that brought me, and moved to the earrings.
- Choose, boy, - he said. - Or you vydash my 10 digits that I need, or is this a dragonfly now will be on hand.
- I've already said - Sergei responded.
- Wrong to say - answered the man.
- So, the owner changed the password, - Sergey did not give up.
- What is a password - furiously said my captor. - What are you durish me, boy ?! The identification code, quick and easy! I'm your fucking business extension breaks! Fast, well!
- Yes, I do not know! - Sergei shouted in panic. - I was asked, I did. Who, what and how it works, no idea! Do not touch the girl, well, you animals or something?
Then this man, who was their chief, he became something to say, like it is in Russian, but it is not clear what. And then I drove into the yard More car and climbed out of her daveshny police, only this time without form. They were very funny, with them, the men in the yard were about a dozen people. And here I belatedly proshiblo such horror that shook as in a fever.
- Listen, - he urged the meantime Seryozhka that guy. - Well, I really do not know, well, who am I for this company. So let go of the girl.
- Everything - said the man. - Useless.
He's someone called. I approached a frail with greasy hair sticking out from under the bandanas. This immediately started to pull off my jacket. I pushed him away, and he hit me. Very much. Immediately flowed from his nose, and more I began to see badly. Jacket pulled me, but I managed to punch someone heel. And do not even once. Then I grabbed a hundred hands. This is a very nasty feeling to feel helpless in the hands of the strong and evil. I did not suffer. On this account I have written in the genes of some special program. God knows who I am its origin from some extremely proud parent. I think even more do not have time, and the program has already been switched on. And this time it was. I immediately gathered into a tight ball and screamed that I will do everything myself. They have for some time tried to flatten me. Then someone gave the order, and moved away from me.
I still see bad, some fog was in his eyes. But notice trampled his jacket, picked it up and hung up automatically on some decorative rack. I brushed the hollow wrist and something knocked on the knuckles. I suddenly realized: the phone! And it's included! Unless of course on the other end did not cancel the call ...
- Undress, - they told me, and Sergey told to watch. - We Plough her, and then we'll cut to ribbons and scraps!
- Well, Birch Street, Building 18, - I said loudly. - Just a nightmare on Elm Street.
And I have suffered. I stepped out of the boot and began to unbutton her blouse, while I slowly moved in the direction of the very table, which flew under the knife, periodically stopping and massaging the wrist. I tried hard to disguise their attempts to regain mobility of brushes for sex play. I throw up their hands in the style of Marilyn, which takes off the dress. Becoming iron legs. Stroking her breasts.
Seryozhka grimly staring at me, but at some point in the very brief moment his face showed understanding.
- Do not you dare - he said with his lips, and added aloud. - What creature more than ten minutes without fucked stand can not you?
I hit the words. I saw that they were uttered for the sake of air shake, but still became insulting. I pulled off her blouse and before dropping it at his feet, wiped the blood from his face. She began to dry up and strongly tightens the skin. In fact, to take off the skirt, the time I spent not less, then pretending that changed her mind, desperately pulled her to bust and portrayed that freeze. In fact, I no longer felt cold even with bare feet. My friend adrenaline made me insensitive to such trifles. Finally, the skirt had to be discarded. They began to lose patience.
From tights from my almost nothing left. Several large holes and twisted necks. I broke one of them with his hands. This had an unexpected success with audiences.
- At pussy tear! - I shouted.
Gashnikov pantyhose was intact. There had to work hard. And so I tried to get it a little longer and pozrelischnee. Legs wide apart, I'm all tore up pantyhose crotch. Then, as if in despair, he began again to pick off the waist. That's just tights and also ran out. There were only two narrow strips bikini body. Bust was a pity. I bought it a few days ago. He was in good shape, almost ideal for my breasts, and very convenient. But in this case, had to play Samson tearing, well, not the lion's mouth of course, but the shackles on the body.
And when I left only her panties, I decided. While these idiots were by hanging lips and holding members, tearing them fly, I strode toward the pillar that supports the roof patio. This post is very well located near the table, which flew under the knife. I portrayed sexy stripper jumping. However, post - not a smooth pole splinters on the inside of the thighs, I nasazhala million. Groaning, through gritted teeth, I kept very broad smile on his face and glanced at the earrings. He is not hiding, intensely staring at me and met my eyes again, she said:
- Do not dare!
I got down to her panties, pulled them and threw toward the audience, and then put her hands on the table and shook her ass invitingly. Someone started to get up. I struggled shoved table. He flew on the tiles with a metallic sound, and I quickly grabbed a knife. He was heaviest and Straseni. I took hold of the handle with both hands, and brought him over itself like a saber.
They were dumbfounded at first, and then began to surround me.
- Let's! - I said cheerfully. - The first one?
They roared ... and it was rushed, but then, breaking the gate into the courtyard flew SUV the size of a small tank. As in the movie, honestly. From it have got dressed in civilian clothes guys. They quickly laid our tormentors on the tiles. Someone threw a blanket over my shoulders.
- Excuse me, young lady, knife, - I heard and opened her fingers.
It was clear that these people rushed to our aid, but who they are and how to find us, it was not clear. I took his hands.
- Share, Pauline, finger - said the man, which I now rested against the breast nose, who they charge here.
I showed.
- Come on! - This guy nodded peasant.
We walked to the jeep, the guy opened the back door and told me to climb into the cabin, and my captor said:
- Excuse me, the place is small, and you krupnovat. Proedesh in the trunk.
Earrings also pushed into the cabin, I was in the back seat. Handcuffs with his shot.
He looked at me with haggard eyes.
- How you scared me, Princess, - he breathed. - Forgive me, for God's sake.
And our saviors, meanwhile, is also loaded into the jeep and we rolled along the road towards the city.
- Give drink - asked Sergei.
He held out a bottle of mineral water. And I - a small cup. I sniffed and protested:
- This vodka! I will not!
Then the guy that carried me, and then sat down next, squeezed my nose with two fingers, and then put it in his mouth this stuff, let slip that valerian does not keep to himself. I thought it was going to die. Throat on fire, a barrage of tears rolled down his eyes. And I imagined that they were over forever. Seryozhka handed me a bottle of mineral water. I greedily drank and asked to give me my clothes. I threw on my knees a pile of rags.
- Sorry - the neighbor said. - Shreds did not collect.
I quickly pulled on a skirt and a jacket over his naked body, stuffed his feet into shoes. I was visibly shaken, and Sergey again wrapped me in a blanket.
- I'm sorry, - he said again. - Kuerida forgive! - And then I turned to the driver. - How did you find us?
- So that's it we put things. All the way. And in the end even the exact address issued. That girl!
I reached into my pocket and pulled out a cell phone Serezhkin. He was blinking low battery signal.
- But in general, Polina, - said the driver. - I asked to wait for my call.
I realized how stupid thing, and asked:
- And who are you? And they?
Inside, they laughed.
- We - we - the driver said. - And they - the enemy. And you would, Pauline, a guy born ...
- Well, here's another! - I murmured, and realized that I fall asleep.
I still had time to hear how loud Seryozhka worried it to me, and how to explain that I have a healthy body is a normal reaction to stress. And then hooted somewhere into oblivion. And woke up only at home Earrings radiant Christmas morning.
In a certain kingdom, in some state there lived a rich man, he had a son named Ivan.
- What are you, my son, nothing you want to do? - Says his father.
- Even I go to sleep! Give me a hundred rubles in cash, blessed on the fishery.
He gave his father a hundred rubles of money. Ivan went into the city. It goes past the manor house and saw in the garden of her mistress: from very good! He stopped and looks through the bars.
- What are you, young man, standing there? - I asked the lady,
- For you, lady, staring! Painfully, you're good! If it were you showed me her legs at the ankle - would give you a hundred rubles!
- Why not show! For, see, - said the lady, and lifted her dress. He gave her a hundred rubles, and returned home.
- Well, my son - the father asked, - What product do? What did a hundred rubles?
- I bought the place, but the forest to the store. Give me two hundred rubles, you have to pay the carpenters to work.
His father gave him money, and his son came again and stands in the same garden. The lady saw and asked:
- Why, boy, I come again?
- Let me, a lady in the garden, so show me yours knees, will give you a hundred rubles.
She let him into the garden, raised her skirt and showed their knees. The guy gave her the money, bowed and returned home.
- What, my son got?
- Settled down, Father, give me three hundred rubles, I nakuplyu product.
His father gave him three hundred rubles. A son is gone to Barynin garden. Worth and looks through the bars. A father thinks:
- Let me go there, look at his trade. I went after him and glances.
- Why, boy, he came again? - I asked the lady. The guy answered her:
- Not in anger you, lady, to say, let's ... I could move it at your pi ... de, I will give you for three hundred rubles.
- Perhaps. - Let him into the garden, took the money and laid down on the grass; and the guy took off his pants and began to eat ... it's on the lips, and so provoke povazhivat that lady she asks:
- Tkni in the middle of a! Please tkni!
A guy does not want to:
- I ask only for his lips could move.
- I'll give you back all your money, - says the lady.
- Do not!
And he all know povazhivaet lips something.
- I took you six hundred, and give twelve hundred, only in the middle of a tkni!
Father looked, looked, could not restrain himself and cried out from behind bars:
- Take it, son, penny penny a good profit!
The lady heard, but how will escape and run away. I left a man without a penny and zarugalsya father:
- Who asked you to shout something, old fogy!
It was a hot day, spring, I came to Nadia, a girl from the Ukraine, was dressed in a white suit, a little crumpled, and T-shirt - boxers, could be seen from under him, standing at the station, bought a large bouquet of red roses and wrote ... , sms to her, I will soon come you stopped the taxi and said, Bring me to your favorite. Here we eat and in my head I turn my how to make her an offer, podehal to home, look it flies me to the meeting, a little vzeroshenna, slightly confused, I was stunned, this girl was incredibly beautiful, and most importantly she's my !!
She stood in front of me and stares straight into your eyes in my green I could not resist and strongly kissed her on the lips, we talked, I gave her flowers, buy a bottle of wine, some fruit, and went to her home, wow mom meet it I also waited, I half of the year could not come to Nadia, so we went home stayed a little with my mother she asked me a lot, and I did not listen only nodded in response, I looked at the elastic and such beautiful breasts Nadyusha later I Nadia whispered in your ear, go already? She took my hand and we went, came to the apartment rented by (Nadia, is all organized with my stay), I took her jacket hung, we went into the room, poured wine into glasses, I looked at her and drowning in it dissolved, I began to kiss her passionately.
First, kissed her lips, taking vinogradik, I gave her in the mouth, so tender and sweet, down lips lower and lower, caressing fingers her neck, lips carried on the skin, tearing off her jacket thrown on the floor and grabbed his lips in the chest, which have been so resilient and already swollen nipples, full of desire, I caressed their teeth pulling and turning over a bit by clicking on them, and pulling it so much hugged me by the shoulders, his hands caressing my back, claws digging, I went down all lower holding tongue leaving a mark on the skin, going down to the cave, I felt like she wants me, her eyes were closed, I slowly began to hold tongue in her mouth sucking them into his mouth, licking, tongue, running inside in her womb, which so flowed and it was very sweet, as there is humid and hot, I'm stronger factory, hands clutching her breasts, catching moans in the room, nose rubbed her clitoris, which is so swollen and slightly tapped, the will of me, taking his lips, I began , suck it, swallowing and chewing a little catching a shiver throughout the body.
Taking hero, head spend on the lips and run them his trunk, deft movement, and I in her, pushing her hips begin to increasingly enter the pussy, feeling how much she squeezes the vaginal wall, bringing me unforgettable feeling the buzz, I go deeper and deeper, looking into her eyes, driving in her own count, lips swallow it during the entire length of admitting to himself, quickly pull your number, take her in his arms and gently throw on the table all the brushing on the floor, pushing her hips harder seeing as pussy wants me abruptly enter into it at full length, she shouts to the writhing under me !!! Yes, Koten scream, I rushing deeper into it until I was rushing into it deeper, to the very depths by studying it, and that's a powerful explosion, catching like Nadia, flies, the last push. And a powerful arm, pussy, my favorite, helplessly falling on a table next to Nadia, and softly whisper, now is our baby, which I want from you, we will go tomorrow to the registrar, submit your application, be my wife, at that she said....
To be continued)
- Girl, you can meet you?
What do you command respond? I seem to be cut short, it is uniquely dressed, but still from time to time I hear this question. There are classic idiotic formula in response: "I am not a girl". That's it I'm going to say, looking back in the direction from which it came is not quite sober voice. I turned to see a young, broad bear in a black leather jacket, a gang-haired and with a gleam in his brown eyes, the words stuck in his throat. We are silent, then we smile at the same time.
- What is your name?
- Ed.
We buy on a jar of gin and tonic. The first thing that I know - Ed is now most want a woman, not a better one. He is one of the province, lived in Moscow a year and a half, married, apparently, at some bitch. Today wanted to rest, called home, I said not waiting for - work.
- Where do you work?
Ed calls a well-known public organization from those that are intended to fight the evil around us. I nod knowingly - I know, they say, such an office.
- Listen, you do not know Colonel Tyulkina? - Ed asks.
Tyulkina I do not know, and, as it turns out, in vain. This is his boss.
We go on the Metro is already closed and the streets are deserted, but Ed does not lose hope. He had a drink before we meet not less than a liter, but for the body of the Siberian is a trifle. Every time flashes in the distance the silhouette resembling a female, Ed rushes to him. Silhouette or dissolved in the darkness, or disappears in a car drove up, and all is optical illusion. In between, Ed tells me stories about how he usually removes the heifers as a lot of them are now on the streets, how they like it and what he does with them later. And how many times during the night. We will someone take off one, and preferably two, and then would be cool. And somehow, with frightening regularity repeated the name of Colonel Tyulkina - without any connection with the heifers.
- Here we are with another shot here two ...
There is another story about two friends. They are always happy to see him, and even # izdat and without complexes, but live, bitch, far away, and there is no money in a wheelbarrow. A kind ...
And again about Tyulkina. TYUL'KIN can do everything. If I ever have problems enough. that he, Ed, would have told him about me a few words.
- What TYUL'KIN loves you?
- ... He Loves Me &ball the day before yesterday!
- In the sense of?
- Not in the sense, as in the ass!
Then Ed tells me a terrible thing. Maybe now, when I write these lines, I reveal a state secret, but it turns out, in the ranks of this esteemed organization sodomy acts as the accepted form of disciplinary action. When one of his subordinates Tyulkina does something wrong, he calls him into his office, ordered to remove his pants and rips in all holes. The slave tries to justify himself, he asked to understand and enter into his position and TYUL'KIN answers:
- I know when I take out.
Most of all I am struck by the intonation with which Ed says it all. It is a simple but fair boss, the father of the soldiers, who could do worse, but spared the children, and &I bet they were not out of malice, and passing this way Cop tricky science. I was so taken aback by this story that comes to my mind the only question that sounds quite feminine:
- It hurts you been?
Ed meets with pride:
- And then! He elda like a horse!
And his eyes at these words glow with love.
We stop near the bushes piss. After finishing his work, Ed turns to me. From pants sticking something, well, maybe not as a horse, but it is solid and big. I have no words to kneel. Its belly is covered with thick soft fur, and animal odors from me dizzy. I put in their mouth and tongue all my soul overflowing affection for this wonderful guys in black leather jackets, who courageously bear their difficult service for our with you peace and security. Ed puts his hand on my head and makes accelerate the rhythm. When I was waiting for the final, he suddenly pulls back. I get up and turn back.
- No, you let me.
I do not venture to argue with him. He has a great ass, round and fluffy. Trained muscles tightly wrapped around my cock. The feeling - as if you ride through the forest on horseback on the wild beast. I'm trying to prolong the pleasure, but the racing speed depends on the Ed. He comes, as befits the brave little bear - without a single groan. I feel it is only the voltage coursing through his muscles. Power is transferred to me, I'm shoots and flying somewhere far away, in those distant and ancient country, where the primitive warriors put cancer primitive ephebe, and their asses infused wisdom of the ages, courage and nobility. After a minute I open my eyes. Ed has buttoned his pants and lit a cigarette.
Rest of the way to my home we go silently. I wonder how wise colonel was right: the whole world seems to me now as though lying in the palm of your hand, simple and straightforward.
I was born and grew up at a time when sex was banned in the country. A cool thing that now everything is possible. I got married and his wife gave birth to my daughter. a case that I want to describe perevernull all my life and I am glad that it was only once, and that for me is not planted.
just so happens that my wife and we agreed only because as it closed up her child for the next hike. I was then a man with a guitar and cigarettes and devonki drags me for a lipstick (while it was in short supply!). My wife and I divorced when my daughter was already 12 by the time I have counted 32 years. it was a sad story to tell, and here I do not want it. just say that Inessa (my ex-wife) acted as the latest thing, and left with some sort MUIKAM in Siberia leaving my daughter. I carefully reared it's creation, and guided my dear Yanochka from all ills. I really was a good dad. the years went by, and my daughter is grown and prettier. Its rounded shape and I could not help himself and pulls a crazy memory that unwittingly tossed me naughty thoughts. earlier it was and duckling became a swan. I was proud of her and for myself - because I have been one the most beautiful and loving daughter! I consider myself to be a good father.
Then one day something happened that I never wanted to. No - I did not fuck your daughter (this is simply unacceptable for me - so do just psychos and perverts - my daughter it was my creation). but I will continue - my daughter got in touch with the wrong company. start skipping school - the yard was in '92 and so many girls behaved. For my own Yanochka I found this behavior unacceptable. I talked a lot with her, and I think that it was then able to snatch her out of this disreputable circle. It is true then that I played a dirty trick. Once my seemingly changed his mind as the daughter came home later than usual. I was ready to talk to her again, and even put her under house arrest, but she did not come alone. Absolutely sober, beautiful and well appointed, my girl brought home what that daubed youngster.
She introduced her as his girlfriend, and presented the following story: that is the darling (Lyudmila), her best friend. The weather my daughter (only just say - my girl was just beautiful in comparison with this juvenile blyadochkoy). She also got into the company, as her father and an alcoholic mother left to work abroad. I involuntarily took pride in yourself - that's us, too, so Yanochka cast (almost) as I can! Rose girl - raised and educated! In general, the story of my Yanochka was as follows - the father of her tingle, so she ran away from home at the time. Only here uezhala not exactly in the place where she could keep. I tried to fence my daughter from corruption and it just did not comprehend the full horror of that company, which is to my shame is much like the company of my youth. And so my little girl innocently suggested that this darling stay with us. How could I deny my daughter?
In general, how it all began. I was a model father for Yanochka and tried to instill in her head darling same principles. I did not realize that it is too late to educate and it is not my daughter. Although my dear listened to me with his mouth open and nodded like a trusting child. Mila lived with us for six months ....
I'm used to constantly occupied the bath and closed the door to the room of my daughters. I soon realized that the behavior of sweet she is as innocent as the goat and my Yanochka. Virgin and clean - I found relegating her to a gynecologist - all was decorum - in the office, I did not go. But the results of the survey at the doctor bought a bottle of brandy. This inspection was only my Yanochka protection from any harmful effects of the sweet, although the latter does not manifest bad.
By the time the sex I had no more than five years - my wife I did not have, in recent years, as it disgusts me their views and razbryuzgshim body. I often masturbate in bed or in the bath, remove the prostitute for me would be than the worst. Dirt and mold - whore. In general, I became probably take in this regard, but the women around me was not very much, some married and I did not want to be "the most a man from Siberia," which can lead a woman from the lawful husband. And my Yanochka was everything to me. I did not want to disappoint her and show that someone is bound to more than her. Although this still would not have - I love my little daughter.
Soon I started to notice that my dear and prettier. Not sure how my daughter, but I could see it in glimpses of the swan, though not so beautiful. One day I came home a little earlier, my love was at home, because my Yanochka engaged in violin and comes home late. When I walked past the room I saw a darling in the small of my robe and Jana knew the heyday came too sweet. She sat, proudly arching his back in the mirror and seeing your small breasts that are a bit trampled beneath the thin robe of my daughter. She turned left and right and I lascivious old peasant could only look through the crack in the whole thing. When my dear slightly parted floors robe I saw in the mirror and even her pussy and immediately cold sweat.
I felt like my penis swollen and now rested on the rough cloth pants. Penis; kill the habit and I sigh squeezed his hand. I quickly retracted his room. Apparently darling heard my footsteps because her light voice froze in my ears, "Uncle Igor - it's you?" And I heard steps in his room. I fell on the bed and lay down polubokom to hide his swollen body. She came and stood before me. Beautiful svetlenkie with hairs and tied her robe. Nothing in her appearance before would not have excited me, but now ... ..ona saw that I was breathing hard and drenched and immediately flew to me - "Uncle Igor = in her eyes was fear then and I do not reproach myself for it because I'm almost finished seeing this fear - you feel bad ???? ". In general, when it became to remove hair from my forehead I definitely was not myself and I dissuaded her condition just abdominal pain. He said that that is not eaten at work here and suffer.
I said that the whole day, I suffer from diarrhea. She immediately calmed down and offered to help but I mercifully spared the girl and asked to leave me alone. When she obediently went under her robe at each step manifested her buttocks. Uprgie and inviting as the two apples. She left and I was so hard on her bed. So, not having finished I went to sleep.
The next day my Yanochka alerted me happy event that they want to listen to the band in a nearby town and that she wants to go. I took was to go with her but she quickly said that he was going 2 prepodovatelnitsy and nothing to worry about them. As for that, I really would not worry since my class girls were only a student - were not students.
I asked her if go sweet with her - but she refused because of preparations for the summer exams at school. I'm a little tense remembering his penis on the same day but calmed himself has called this phenomenon momentary weakness. I decided that no longer afford the same.
Yanochka left after 5 days and we were left alone with a sweet.
It took 3 days and I seem to be as even and did not notice anything strange about the behavior of my body, and lust. I restrained myself properly.
But the fourth day came and I realized that Saturday with a sweet alone will not last. I wanted to go for a whole day in the park and relax as the old man. But began to rain, and it would be foolish to go somewhere. Mila sat for lessons. And then her watch five she came into my room with a textbook literature and notebook.
Igor uncle - did not get to learn how to write essays. Help is still reading, too. And she smiled at me. That's that smile I saw all I needed! I saw there is lust. Although it is possible to me it just seemed I exaggerated but I also was an old guy and knew the world. I sat down and was silent for a moment. She was standing a few meters away from me, in her tight yet not rounded to the end ... and form Legency-shirt rastrepushke. Her hair was somehow pinned back in a ponytail. And then I felt young and I remembered that I'm not an old man. It should be easier to treat yourself and your life! To me only 35 and I put on a cross. You can also enjoy at least molodochkoy and occasionally stroking her alone. Oh, how I hit at a time in the head male hormone.
What lust I already felt at that moment, imagining her nearly naked in the same yanochkinom robe. Or underwear. Or in the panties of my Yanochka she presented a girlfriend from high school - little white, lace stripes - soft opening shape of the buttocks and hiding a little chaste pussy.
So that evening we were reading with a cute a long time. I held back, and at night it represented his fantasies -I fucking her in the ass, in the pussy. cancer put. Cocking her legs on his shoulders - and popped her his penis in her mouth. In the morning I woke up in a great mood, and began to masturbate over matinee riser - for the first few years I was excited penis again in the morning. When my penis was swollen and already considerable size and I was ready to cum on pretty panties.
Which safely taken out of the bathroom, and this blyadechka waltzed into my room right in the nightie. So I sent her march to change clothes saying something indecent to rush in without knocking and in this form of promiscuity. Darling went to bathe and has not had breakfast. It seemed to me that she noticed my body and swollen veins in the neck. And I think too impulsively expressed his discontent and confused right at her. I began to prepare breakfast and when he was done, I went to the door to the bathroom and slightly raising his voice announced that everything was ready. Mila somehow strained voice said that already exits. I found it strange and I thought - if she was drinking there any pills or whether vein cut yourself. Suddenly, it is strongly shocked look of my body that she decided ... we .horosho between the bathroom and toilet as well as in all of Stalin's five-story building was almost at ceiling window. I reached out but saw not quite what I expected.
Darling half lying half sitting in the bathroom and moved slightly. I continued to stare fascinated that she does. I felt as lust starts to pull the lower abdomen. She was leaning against the opposite end of the bath and hand parted thighs. Her legs were battened down - one was on the washing machine and the second simply bending at the knee hung with a bathtub. Water pressure darling hit right between the legs, and it is sometimes easy and sometimes twitched convulsively. I realized that she masturbates. With the other hand she sometimes plucking jet to beat that pussy on suddenly. She still unpointed movements, I realized that she began to masturbate very recently. Perhaps she accidentally finished in the bathroom when washed, and she liked the feeling. I was very tense at the moment and would like to join her but he could not because he was the father of her friend.
Mila finished in 2 minutes - you should have seen how she covered her mouth with his hand and twitched convulsively several times - at the same time her breast heaved as well as in my dreams. Under the pressure of the water, I could not see her lobochek but when she began to wipe I reviewed. Mila left the bathroom - I waited a couple of minutes - breathing deeply and evenly to my penis longer excited and went out too. She was refreshed and rosy at the table and drank morning coffee. I paused for a moment but then also asked why it took so long washed. She immediately broke off and blushed even more (that it caused certain emotions and I had a tight grip feet to penalties did not get up.). She said that just washed that's all. Not for nothing, I was a psychologist at a local children's clinic - I brought the conversation back on track. At first she blushed and clearly ashamed, that had done and realized that I had caught her in this.
She did not say anything just said that it was an accident. as I expected ... -
- nice ... there is nothing wrong ... so all we know ... -There maturation I decided to prove his honesty and lust to the point almost reached its climax but I was smart - I did, too, and do our physiology eto..tolko different and therefore I do so different ... well ... my .pomnish allegedly diarrhea? Oh no do not be dismayed, for I was not there ... I'm just doing some manipulation of its body to get pleasure ... or our this morning ... I often do, and there is nothing to be ashamed of ... - then I saw in her face interest in my story and continued with a vengeance.
I was both ashamed for what I corrupting a child (though as it was a child - she obviously knew something about sex though never once engaged in them) and at the same time I felt humiliated in front of his Yanochka, which could lose a girlfriend because of my lust ... but I went on-a .... the main thing - do it right ... and then ... then pleasure will be a lot more ....
I waited at the moment of her reaction. And she went on about me as if hypnotized sheep. She wanted to learn it. I offered to go to the bathroom and start doing what she did. She did not hesitate, because I felt my friend and one more. Though awkward in her movements still was ... she undressed and I offered to put those same panties of Ioannina. She did it humbly. Then she also got into the bathroom and got a job in the same position. I felt like my penis begins to swell and asked her to look at him ... not for long ... she agreed ... I took it out of his pants and showed her ego..ona asked to touch but I did not allow referring to the fact that masturbation is not a sort of sovokuplenie..ona upset but I did not care at that moment ..mne wanted her to not touch me - it would be defamed Yanochka!
I put the body back into the sweat pants and began to instruct her. She put her free hand on his chest and began to strain the papilla. A few seconds later he emerged and swollen again ... .I felt a burning sensation in his pants and saw that the penis is given much in my sweat pants fabric. I put it on my hand and gently pressed. It is a little suppressed my desire to fuck her - despite all doubts by the time I wanted her more than ever - to spit at her! I asked her to move a little strip of panties to the clitoris was naked and began to supply water ripple - it helped her ass - she drove her fingers on the hole and it multiplies its senses. I advised her to start to move her hips. Her orgasm happened faster than I ozhidal..i now she relaxed reclining in the tub and the water quickly flows down her legs bent at the knees and rushes to her pussy.
She looked at me with gratitude. A minute passed, and she told me that she was very good! I offered to thank me. She asked to touch my body - I refused again. And then I realized that I wanted to enter it. Sharp and rough. Show her all his might! The power of my gun. She was still in shorts and I told her that we should get back to me and bend over. She did so, and a fantastic view opened in front of me. From friction with bath her ass blushed and called me into his bowels. A strip of wet white lace shill break the hell is linen and impose it on blyadechku his huge body. Instead, I offered her a little help. I asked her to say when it will be nice and tip of his tongue licked her bun. At the same time I started to flex with the penis.
He instantly swollen even more heavily and lay in his pants. I patted myself on the penis through his pants and it kept me from wanting to break her ass roughly his body. I licked again, and she gave a voice. I began to lick the back of her and she to my surprise a little laughing and struggled. Her moan "tickled" brought me at the right moment in itself. I started to the moment to kiss and cuddle with the power to her ass. Then I saw our reflection in the mirror and was struck by how young I looked. I offered to see what I'm doing in the mirror, and she turned her head. And then I started to pull off her panties this .... I did not remove them until the end, and again began to kiss her, but not in the buttocks and right between them.
I descended from the language of the coccyx to the holes. She arched like a cat when I podolbilsya slightly tongue in her asshole. I kissed her lips tightly to the sweet anal hole and forcefully inhaled. She moaned. Then I had a good poslyunyavil her hole and looked in the mirror again. She did not look back. She was like a cat arching and lasciviously substituting me his tail of a cat in heat. She swayed slightly on the toes waiting for the continuation of the act. With one hand, she leaned against the wall and the other roughly fingered soy breast. I Her head was thrown back and her hair wet, some dry and some of the scattered neat ponytail.
I pulled her closer to her ass and pulled off his sweat pants. My body was swollen and covered with wreaths. I spat on his hand and smeared saliva member. And she bent over my hand felt in his pubic hair, pulling it back of him to take the right position for me. Examples I and poked penis into her ass. From the stress I missed and hit on the buttocks but slippery dick slid easily into the hollow. She moaned and I dropped his hand to her clitoris and began to gently caress. She was pliable as clay. I had her hand and tried to plunge it deeper into his penis. But I did not work because her muscles tensed reflexively. I shuffled and decided to make an effort. I started to press with a vengeance but she moaned and began to step back. I'm at a furious pace she whispered, "You hurt that ???" she breathed only so long, and continued to shake her ass in front of my member like a calling to repeat my strong pressure.
I did not take risks and grabbed from the shelf nearest balm for my Yanochka body. I poured a lot of mile on the ass and on your cock, just because of my intense dirtying the floor and towel hanging there. I pressed his hand on her back and offered a little bent down it. I asked for more, and she stood in front of me cancer. I strongly spread her legs and in this position I should only rely on her and all - I, my sweet inside you. That's exactly what I did. Again, the first time I Overshot slow thrusts into her. She moaned again. And then I realized that she liked it a little tension and pain. I continued to make its way into the depth of the points. I felt it and I fucked her !!! I was inside her, and it was warm and clean! After a few minutes of light swotting I decided to go to the extreme. Strained hands and pushed his penis out of her boot and immediately drove her back up to the scrotum.
She squirmed and moaned. I decided not to reduce such large shocks, and so I started to go out and go almost to the end. Under this range of motion, she began to moan. I was ready to do the same but my voice was higher and could hear the neighbors. I fucked her. Fucked blindly and madly as in the days of his youth fucked mates (although sex was not in the country). All my muscles were tense and I felt happiness !!! End of my infinite Fingering. Live hole and my body. Kaif. I realized that I wanted to string it rougher and it is not in my mind as the hand has helped me to caress her clitoris. I decided that now she handle herself and put her hands on the back of increased speed and decreasing amplitude. I was looking at us in the mirror and realize the beauty of this moment.
My tanned body and her so pale, untouched by old age. My strong muscles and waved her small breast. She rubbed my ass flesh, has already become reddish ... the curve of her body, and half-open mouth with bawdy gubeshkami. I fucked her like a whore ... - and she liked it ... .. she started to ask me to do it faster - things like sex and especially anal - painless - learn very quickly. I felt that will soon be over and swotting began to resemble a scene from a porn. I saw how to extend its opening and will not close because it is waiting for more ... her fingers terebyaschie herself and covered her juice poured ... my dick like a stick piercing her girlish body ....
After a few seconds, she let out a loud "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa ......... .." and finished ... I continued to fuck her without feeling already tension of her body and her head began to lightly strike the wall. Here I am and finished. It was an incomparable ... -That moment I felt young and happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That day, I experienced two feelings - an orgasm, and immediately afterwards a huge shame !!! I should not have done so ... but my best was to provide a mile all this madness like our little secret .... But the mystery is not over at this ... raze the remaining two days before my arrival, I fucked Yanochka Mila in her lovely back of every four ace. She quickly learned the whole but I still did not allow himself to touch and kiss. Only I could touch her and to her nickname which was to feel me - nasty lustful man. Ian almost caught us. We appeared before her and another unfamiliar pretty woman of about forty slightly veroshennye and dressed somehow.
My daughter did not react to our species (as raised were properly and would never have allowed myself to masturbate or allow yourself to touch the back, allowing dirty lustful male hands touch the most precious that she has - her small lips sex, small vaginku, neat anal bud !!!!!!! rather than this rubbish and blyadechka nice !!!!!!!!!!!), but very confident woman came into the apartment and looked around. Then she grabbed the darling of the elbow and said that, so she quickly gathered her things.
Mila turned pale and ran into the room. Yanochka ran after her. The woman also start a conversation with me. She asked me who I was, how long charming living with us and other details ... I told the truth. She said that it seems strange that such a young man as I was alone for so long, only daughter and in her eyes I saw distrust.
I knew what she was driving at, but what is my honesty - so it is that I NEVER COULD NOT and fingers touched my girl Yanochka! My daughter is a sample of innocence and purity! Nobody's fault that this girl so sweet slut !!!!!! She fucks his ass my penis - I allowed her to it! I do not like it initially - but a man easily seduced! She's a whore - I'm not a pervert !!!!!!!!!!! But not for nothing that I was a psychologist. I am convinced that woman that's all right. Then she frowned, picked up his dirty hand of my genitals and squeezed them ... (they were a little nervous and tense, because before the arrival of my daughter, and this bitch at us with a sweet was a wonderful game. She's naked jumping in place and turned to me ass. I asked her to stop doing so in the beginning.
But she agreed to my proposal to come to me and sit on my lap. On this memorable day, she touched my cock. I asked her to remove her hand but she did not want. And she began to masturbate my penis as the doorbell rang.). This bitch just recently noticed signs of excitement and said that I would be imprisoned for incest! I would like to say that the sweet and tart provokatorshu but this woman did not listen to me. She called aloud Mila told me that she get to the truth of his daughter ... the bitch was her mother !! I just was outraged! First cast the daughter and now shakes Prva, let it out for tekbya became blyadechkoY! But I said nothing, because I knew that it could achieve my arrest ... and has a nice goodbye stared at me until the end and not catching his breath .... In the end they came to the door.
Yanochka mine lyubimoya daughter ran to the window to wave them go and let me go on that mother takes Mila to her. I stood with bowed head, and who left me hopes next to the half-open door at the entrance. And then there was a clatter of fast steps and opened the door gently. Darling grabbed me with one hand behind his shoulders and dug in my lustful lips. I told her warm and her hand casually play my penis. I finished after a few seconds of surprise and overstimulation ... because her mother was on the stairs and my Yanochka good in the room. Just a few meters from us ... .. Mila said that she had forgotten the bear Yana in the room and I gave her a bear yana, which was laid at Mila under her ass before yesterday when she asked to fuck her in her room Jana on the table.
There were photos of Yana and had already some other feeling - guilt and remorse was no longer in front of my Yanochka! My girl everyone would tell me she knew it! But I'm not that stupid.
I hope that this day after so many years, Mila, which soon turned into a normal fatty babischa remembers those we have with her a few days. I think she will forgive me for some of the strangeness of my behavior and realizes that she initially behaved like blyadechka! But I still know that I wanted to try it and now Zadok, even as great as now !!!
Igor, 2008.
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This stallion - my very first horse. He was my husband bought me for my birthday a long time ago. It was just our small pets, such as dogs. Due to its height (only 91 cm at the withers), he was not a burden for both the novice horse owner, that is me ... Now, of course I have 4 horses, including my handsome and mountain experience in the education of the horses behind. When he got to me, he was just 1 year old. I had no idea about the education of the horse, but to childhood memories, when we hung out with the guys on the collective farm stables.
But, thanks to the intuition, I have raised the magnificent strong ridge gray suit in apples. We played all day, jumping obstacles, running with the ball, etc. Then he became an adult. A couple of times he led girlfriends. I accidentally viewed the movie as heifer plants his huge club stallion suddenly excited and for some reason went to demand the same and from my handsome. Her husband had just been on a business trip and there is no hindrance to my complete satisfaction. But ... I turned bummer: the stallion was not going to be excited for any reason. So I did pronasilovala 2 hours and left with nothing. Then for a long time ashamed of her strange animal lust, and then a couple of times tried. In short - I'm tired of it all and I threw this venture for years to come.
It took 3 years. I've got two beautiful great gelding and mare. Suitable spring. My stallion going crazy, being in the neighboring stall near a mare in heat. He squeaked plaintively, snoring, climb the wall, but this year mating with him was planned. I was so sorry for him, I decided to take it to draw my favorite and the biggest friend to the mare and vzdrochit him, which I did. At first he was embarrassed, and I constantly had disappeared erection from my touch, then start to like him, and he poked a member of my hand, but still for some reason did not finish. Sniffing nose mare, excited, I poked my hand, and did not finish it all began again. But back then I sniffed his nose mare, excited, and then turned to me and has already started to smell my nose, and snore. I was funny and I started to play along, and also quickened breathing in his face.
Then he thought for a moment, stood up on its hind legs and threw me right on the aisle in the stable and began to peck a member of my thigh, while with all the dope grasped me by the shoulder. I, in amazement, and perhaps from such impudence and surprises, the last effort pushed him away. But suddenly I was attacked by this passion and lust that, rejecting all notions and prejudices, I wanted this horse as ever, and no man in my life. This was something completely new, so beckoning that I was unable to restrain himself. And how could refuse such a strong, muscular, flaming furious passion stallion. He, meanwhile, did not abandon the attempt to climb back on me. I knelt down and prispustila breeches. He climbed up on my back started poking at his dick in my ass. His velvety nose pressed against my cheek, and I felt his hot breath palpitations exciting. I did attempt to send him a member of my vagina.
About a brush! What's his dick! Soft skin as silk; Member stood like a wooden club; excellent thickness - not too thick, such as a male member with a standard thickness. But when he still was a jerk and threw it, I realized that the length of something too big. The pain in my legs went numb, energetic stallion pushes me to move forward, its grease leaking from the vagina and soaked my panties and pants. I shrank into herself from the pain, and he yet again continued aftershocks. Getting from under it was not possible, because it is too far slung front legs and I was squeezed in front of his feet, and back on the same can not impaled. Suddenly, I felt a growing pain in the vagina. Then the increase in pain at some point stopped and then followed by a couple of jerks, and then, to my relief, I felt his cock slowly falls from me, and I, ducking beneath his head, got out with a horse and saw the cause of the growing pains - the head of his penis was like a jackhammer and was a member of the thicker if so 4.
I was standing quite calm and satisfied, after a year of abstinence, stallion. I was still trembling knees, I was breathing hard, but I was filled with frenzied delight and immense love for my handsome-ward. I even could not imagine how he's a great lover. Tirelessly kissing him, I said a lot of gentle words, stroked him and he rolled with pleasure his big eyes.
Now we have sex as soon as possible. He did not need a mare that would be excited, and I learned to completely relax, that would not have been so hurt by his energetic shocks. The lunch break from work, I am not going to the cafe, and a lover in ......... stall! We are with him every waking minute of every day together (not necessarily fuck, we just walk). The husband is not surprised, because we always walked every day and playing together.
And by the way: sex with her husband became better (in my sex fantasies are no other men other than her husband, and handsome) as a stallion after my vagina shrinks to just unreal density. Depression and always in a bad mood, yet it more than I did not attend. Now I'm always smiling, smiling people, I think to myself that they never had the happiness which I have.
And now, probably in 300-th time pulling themselves out of a member of a stallion, I'm full of happiness and satisfaction I want to show off your own stunning, the most faithful, beloved boy. He will never "to the left" etc. He is a faithful servant, completely in my power.
Wild Mustang
Hello! My name is Nick. I am 16 years old. I want to tell how I fucked odinnadtsatiklassnik from my school.
...It was 2 years ago. I stayed at school late because copied physics. Actually, I'm not bad, but this time I was not on the topic, so I almost did not write anything. By the time I play the virgin was, and never a man's eyes did not fall on my charms. But I often masturbated while watching porn.
So when I looked at the clock, she saw that it was already quite late, and no one at the school had gone. I put the work on the table, packed up and went home. I walked past the men's room and noticed that the door was open. I did not attach any importance to this, but suddenly popped out of the closet a hand and grabbed me and dragged to the toilet. Roth she tucked me too. I started to hum, but then he got hit in the face.
- Shut up, bitch, there's nobody here, nobody will hear you!
I could well see her kidnapper. It was odinnadtsatiklassnik Vanya, whom I often saw at school. He did not like me, but I liked him. He's on every turn so mysteriously looking at me ...
He threw me on the floor, sat on top and started to unbutton his pants to jeans. I realized with horror that he wants to do.
- Suck! - He ordered.
- I will not! - I got scared. It would be easy to get rid suction, but even he did not want to do.
I received a new blow to the face.
- Suck, scum, not going to score before his death! - Yelled my tormentor.
With horror and disgust I touched his tongue member. He was nasty, until that moment I had never tasted anything like it. I wanted to do everything slowly, but Vanya with full force drove me his dick in my mouth so that I almost choked. I coughed.
- Come on, show me what you're capable of! - His voice was angry and a malicious. So that's what he wanted from me all this time! I did not like him, he just wanted to fuck me good! I had to suck his penis, like candy, swallow the most eggs and lick them. I was afraid that he will begin to beat me if I did something wrong to do. Finally, he finished with a groan.
- Swallow, bitch!
I had to swallow everything, but I have the pleasure of all that has not experienced.
- And now let's see what you have on.
I was frightened and began to resist.
- Do not do it, Please! - I pleaded. - Do you need money? I have, take. Just let me go!
- Well, I do not! I want you to enjoy the full program! - With these words he turned me cancer and pulled her skirt with tights. I screamed ... and got another slap in the face.
- I told you, shut up! - He hissed.
...He took off my panties and reached her fingers into my pussy.
- Virgin? Strange ... And you look like a whore. Anyway! - And he drove me to his trunk in my cunt. I have been there it was dry, so I cried. But he was not paying attention to me, just pecked my hole, from which it has ceased to bleed. Soon I realized that I finish.
- Well, you even liked it! - Vanya said contentedly. - And now I shove you gag in her mouth, so that you are not screaming.
He stuffed my mouth with my same cowards. I do not even have time to understand anything, as he drove his stick into my anus without any lubrication. I experienced a hellish pain! I tried to scream, but because of the cowards in my mouth get some muffled grunts. And he tore up and tore my ass until I had finished.
Then he fucked me again and forced to suck pussy. By the end of execution, I was covered in semen.
- Go and wash! - I ordered Vanya. I washed myself. - Now listen here. If someone say - kill. And now I'll write you the address to which you will come every Wednesday. There you will serve still my friends. And just try not to come! - The guy threatened me. I nodded silently. I have nothing else to do. And, having collected things, I went home. So I lost my virginity.
P.S. This story was invented and out.
One day, when my mother again went to another city to the grandchildren, I fell asleep in the hall, in the chair (and when she is not at home, I go in shorts). Through slumber I heard that my father went into the room. At first nothing happened, but a few moments later I heard him approaching me and then felt that folder starts his fingers into my panties through a side opening (by the way, I still do not know why it is needed, might for ease of urination) and stroking my cock and balls. My cock quickly stiffened by his manipulation, I opened my eyes and smiled dad, he smiled at me in response and continued his sweet torture. Soon I felt the orgasm is close papkinu and removed his hand so as not to end too soon.
I sat up, moved up closer to his father and, clutching both hands to his pants, pulled them with shorts to his ankles, exposing his erect penis. Holding daddy's buttocks, I opened my mouth and began to gradually worn mouth on his bolt. I love my father and happy aspirated him as much as possible, this time was no exception. Dad took my head and began planting more deeply in me its robust fellow. I sucked for a while, then stopped him, pulled his penis out of his mouth and began to lick and suck his balls rather big. Then he took his cock in hand and began to climb tongue under his foreskin and lick the head. She had such a resilient, hot and salty, I just bastard every time. The folder has become hum of pleasure, and I again swallowed up to the stop cock and continued rhythmically stick your neck on it. Soon, my father became a loud moan and his body tense, I realized that coming so loved me the time, called orgasm. Slightly pulling the bolt of his mouth, so that there remained only his head, I waited for the first shots. And so it began.
My mouth began to fill all arriving sperm, I quickly began to swallow it, so as not to spill a drop by. Conchal dad always abundant. I had time to fully saturate it with juice and even struck some of it to your face. They say that the mask of sperm are good for the skin. Sucked and licked papkin tool completely, I got up from his chair, put on his father's place, and he took off his pants and sat on his lap facing him and started kissing him passionately and rub against it from ringing voltages member. And then he gave: "And let me now I'll try your taste! Get up! "I stood up, my dad leaned toward the riser and to start was his kissing and licking (I have it in this regard inexperienced), judging by his face, he liked it. My father took my head and my mouth began to suck it, and then he began to make reciprocating motion, and sit down on me deeper. From the novelty of sensations (I still have not one sucked) I quickly began to finish, the folder is first pulled away, but curiosity got the better and he began to absorb my flows. From this rapid orgasm my knees buckled and I slowly sank to his knees. Lips, mired in my semen, father passionately kissed me and said: "Well done son! Ends well! Yes, and tastes quite think of anything. You can then be repeated. Maybe more than once. "And smiling at me, pushed me, so I stood up and he rose from his chair and went to the balcony to smoke.
We with my boyfriend for a long time we meet, and that's how that happened to me this story. No, perhaps I'll start on another. I'm pretty pretty, slim girl of 18 years. Sex, I just love, in all its manifestations. We put a lot of experimentation bed, but my boyfriend once said that I began to stare at the girls. No, I'm not a lesbian, Slavik me perfectly, but longed to try sex with a girl. I wanted to play the role of a Man, wanted to fuck her, to hear her moans, feel what a man feels when a woman brings to orgasm, wanted to caress her tongue, play with nipples, biting them .. mm ..
And when we discussed this issue, he suggested a threesome, I have it and my girlfriend. I have been friends for a long time with Inna and when -That I may say so in the "child" we resolutely try lesbian sex, which is why the choice fell on it.
We agreed we, I'll come after her to the university, and then we will drive to Slavik. And so it was with yet unsuspecting Inca we have fun talking on the porch of the building of the Academy. Then I drove Glory, and we got into his car. I've seen his eyes burned and how was lustful glance, he looked forward to sex, long passionate sex with two beautiful girls. At me was wearing a plaid skirt and a white blouse with plaid tie, and Inca was her short black dress, in general, the two of us looking very sexy in the back seat.
Slavik offered a ride on the suburban route. I winked at him in the mirror, and accidentally dropped the phone on the floor. Naturally she fumbled to get his palm and touched Inken hip, I noticed her clothes, or rather its absence. "Perfectly! All the better!" . I got up from his knees and kissed the Innu sharply on the lips, at first there was no response, she was in shock, and then I felt her tongue timidly began to answer me. This has brought me to the limit, and I was the sharp movements to massage her breasts and pulling off a dress.
Slavik little wheel is not swallowed, so he liked the painting, he tried not to look back, because then it would be an accident can not be avoided, I looked out the window and realized that he was going to his dacha. But I decided not to waste time, I pulled off my girl's dress and biting her breasts, she softly moaned, just enjoying the moment ... I love this game, it turns me on, and I continued to play with her nipples fingers touched her shaved pussy it flowed so that the seat has already formed a small puddle, her fingers began to massage her clitoris, she moaned ... I myself do not nearly finished, the thought that I'm going to fuck her led me to the wild delight. At the end of the bolder, introduced her finger into the vagina, and began to fuck her gently, slowly at first, as if teasing, and then faster and faster.
Tearing himself away from the breast, I went to the clitoris, I did it the first time, but would like to have this bitch moan under my tongue. I began to passionately caress the clitoris, pull his tongue, biting and sucking. Taste its lubrication intoxicate my head, I just wanted one, she came to me in her mouth .... I took in her mouth klitorok and began to play with him in the lie, and in the meantime, my already two fingers digging pussy Incas. The response was amazing, she was writhing and screaming, scratching his hands seat, "Yes! More, I want "phrases flew from her lips, she was distraught from approaching orgasm juice flowed into my mouth ... sweet moan she came, but so abundant that the grease dripping down my lips ..
"Well?" - I asked her ... "Oh my God, Nick, what was it?" - With a sweet smile on her face she asked. "Hmm .. and this is only the beginning!" - I glanced at the weary desire Slavik. He was clutching the steering wheel, but sometimes frantically shift gears.
Well, we arrived at the cottage, I got out of the car and immediately went to the bathroom, we had a little cool from their tricks and then you can continue.
When I returned, I was a little dumbfounded, my Slavik stood in the street completely naked and fucked in a wild pace, leaning on the hood of the Innu.
Member, he is not small, 18 centimeters, and it is completely immersed in the pussy girlfriend .. push .. and another jet of sperm spurted Inn on the lower back and buttocks. . I watched this picture and not the least bit jealous, it I did not call, only the desire. I came up behind him and began to lick sperm .. mmm me crazy drove this taste, the taste of a man ... Fortunately the fence in the country was under two meters.
Then we gradually moved upstairs to the bedroom, there's Ina took me, uvula she licked my pussy, timidly, but so greedy and so strongly that I felt that the orgasm is about to will cover me, and then she pulled away from me, and I have not had time to look like me already slipped enormous rubber penis, it Slavik brought it, the excitement has covered me completely, and I was beside myself, but moved to meet him. But strong hands Slavik picked me and put the cancer. Something cold, he rubbed my ass and almost without preparation drove me to my hot, standing member of the stake .. I only had time to gasp as the second rubber, is already using Innenoy hands slid into me .. and they both started to move, I mad from the strongest orgasm in my life, as a lustful slut is placed on the two clubs do not have the strength anymore, but orgasms one after another, covered me, I do not know how long it lasted, can for 10-15 minutes, but in the series the brightest orgasms I remember last, we came together with Slavik, my pussy and ass beat in orgasm and then the hot jet of sperm gushed into my ass, and I cried for a moment lost consciousness.
When I came to myself, I Thank collapsed on me, distraught by wild desire Inca is placed on the other end of the rubber member. I arranged the wide legs, and now we were both strung on this thing, we moved in time with each other, bringing a lot of fun. When both plenty to satisfy his lust, fell asleep on each other, the forces have not been lifted ....
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